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An online political and social commentary media platform covering stories that affect the lives of Iranians and Iranian-Canadians.











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Hello everyone. We have created this page to bring awareness to an issue that should matter to all Canadians. I don't recall ever seeing an elected official speak to members of a community in such a disrespectful manner. He is a member of the Canadian Parliament for Willowdale. Here is the really scary part, he's Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism and a member of Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. Our goal should be to remove him from office. Or at the very least have enough people see this video, write emails and make sure he is not re-elected.

You can find him at http://www.chungsenleung.ca

Please share this page and let him know that it's not okay to speak to any community members this way

آدمین های این صفحه کیستند؟

Medi Shams As someone who were present at the meeting with Chungsen Leung, participated in the debate, recorded the meeting, liked this page and signed the petition, do I have the right to know who are the admins of this page. Who were present at the meeting with John McCallum on Monday? Why that meeting wasn't recorded? Why there is no picture of that meeting. I would appreciate if you don't ignore me again.

Like · Reply · February 11, 2015 at 1:00pm

Iranian Canadian Community Hi Mr. Shams, the meeting was specifically about how we can get the petition into the House of Commons. It was not a public meeting, nor was it publicized as such. There are times that in order to create a change the matter has to be approached in a delicate and respectful manner. Mr. McCallum did not intend to have a video taped meeting over a simple tactical discussion as to the formalities of preparing this petition. We do not want to create a mockery of this process by taking pictures or video tapes and using it as publicity for ourselves. This page is simply a discussion forum for the petition and its identity is the identities of 1,256 members that are part of this page, and not just the admins of the page. We thank you for your support in regards to the petition.

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Medi Shams Is there any problem to know the admins of this page or the name of those who participated in that meeting on our behalf?

Like · Reply · February 11, 2015 at 1:16pm

Iranian Canadian Community We did not get the permissions of the few people in the meeting to discuss their names. Again, we were not there to “represent” the Iranian-Canadian community in general, but were there to get direction as to the form and technical requirements for this petition. And convey some of the concerns that have been shared on our page. We fail to see the significance of specific names. As individuals with no involvement with any specific group in politics or the community, we wish to keep the message about one thing only, and that’s respect for our community members. We do not wish to be contacted on a personal level by any party or group of people. We also do not wish to be pressured or persuaded by individuals or groups. Thank you again for your support in regards to this matter. Should you organize or attend another public meet and greet please share it on our page so that people can attend and have some questions answered.Like · 


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آغاز فعالیت در رابطه با بازگشائی سفارت

Iranian Canadian Community
February 12, 2015 · 

Iranian Canadian Community

صحبتهاى اقاى ليونگ نماينده پارلمان كانادا از حزب محافظه كار از نطقه ويلوديل در جلسه گفت و شنيد با جمعى از ايرانيان در روز ٢٤ ژانويه و دعوت انها "به بازگشت به ايران اگر ايران را انقدر دوست دارند"، سبب پيدايش اين صفحه است. اين خلاصه براى انهاي استكه با اين صفحه تازه اشنا شده اند. پتيشنى كه در اين صفحه به اشتراك گذاشته شد به امضاى بيش از ٢٤٠٠ نفر رسيد. نتيجه مشاركت عده زيادى از ايرانيان و غير ايرانيانى كه چنين برخوردى را بخصوص از طرف مسئول امور چند مليتى در پارلمان كانادا عملى توهين اميز و غير مسئولانه مى دانستند سبب شد كه اقاى ليونگ رسما از جامعه ايرانى و كسانى كه در ان جلسه بودند معذرت بخواهد. پتيشن ديگرى كه به امضا بيش از ٢٠٠ شهروند كانادايى رسيد با مضمون تقاضاى بركنارى اقاى ليونگ از سمت پارلمانى خود ( مسئول امور چند مليتى) به زودى در مجلس ارائه خواهد شد. 
 در اين مدت تعداد زيادى از كسانى كه به اين صفحه پيوسته اند نارضايتى خود را از عدم دسترسى به خدمات كنسولى در ايران و كانادا با ما در ميان گذاشتند و اين باعث ان شد كه ما تصميم بگيريم كه به اين موضوع نيز بپردازيم.

ما گروهى از وكلاى جوان ايرانى كانادايى و افرادى با سوابق حرفه اى و تخصصى هستيم كه سالها پيش به كانادا مهاجرت كرده ايم. هيچ وابستگى به گروه و عقيده خاصى نداريم و در گير اختلافات سياسى/ عقيدتى داخل جامه ايرانى نيستيم و نمى خواهيم باشيم. هدف ما به وجود اوردن شبكه اى كمك رسان در داخل جامعه 
 ايرانيان مقيم كانادا مى باشد.

همانطور كه مى دانيد در اينده اى نه چندان دور انتخابات دولت فدرال شروع مى شود. سياستمداران هميشه
 در زمان انتخابات بيشتر به حرفها و خواستهاى مردم گوش مى كنند. بايد از اين فرصت استفاده كرد و درجهت رسيدن به اين خواست كوشيد. ما هم توان و هم مهارت لازم براى رسيدن به اين هدف را داريم. تنها لازم است كه با هم همصدا شويم.

لطفا نظرات و پيشنهادات خود را با ما در ميان بگذاريد. مطمئن هستيم كه بسيارى از شما مى توانيد با دانش و اطلاعاتتان ما را در اين امر مهم يارى دهيد.




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