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E-563 (IRAN) - September 2016

Sponsor Peter Kent, Thornhill,Conservative, Ontario

  • Iran is detaining and imprisoning Canadian citizen Homa Hoodfar and Canadian resident Saeed Malekpour;
  • Iran continues to execute minors in contravention of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Iran has ratified;
  • The Parliament of Canada unanimously adopted a motion recognizing the mass murder of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988 as constituting crimes against humanity under international law, and whereas many of the figures alleged to have carried out such crimes remain active in various branches of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including its current Minister of Justice, Mostafa Pourmohammadi;
  • Iran systemically persecutes and denies education and basic rights to the Baha'i population;
  • Iran funds terrorist groups and calls for the destruction of Israel; and
  • Iran is selective in compliance with the Geneva Convention on Diplomacy which would put at risk the security and protection of Canadian Foreign Service employees.
We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:
1. Call for the immediate release and return to Canada of Dr. Homa Hoodfar and Saeed Malekpour;
2. Not consider re-opening the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa without these assurances; and
3. Make human rights the bench mark from which to consider re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Iran.


Petition presented to the House of Commons on February 16, 2017 (Petition No. 421-01155)
Government response tabled on April 3, 2017 (Sessional Paper No. 8545-421-05)





September 2015

Federal Party Leaders: Clarify your position on #IranDeal

As you are well aware, in July 2015, Iran and representatives of the international community reached an agreement with the intention of resolving the long-standing dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.  In the near future, UN, American, and European sanctions on Iran will be lifted.

This agreement has been widely celebrated by the general Iranian population, the Iranian human/civil rights movement, and the Iranian-Canadian community. In a poll conducted in July 2015 by the Iranian Canadian Congress for their members, 80% of the respondents supported the nuclear agreement.

Sanctions and the threat of war have never led to an improvement in human or civil rights; in fact, they have always had the opposite effect.  History has shown that wars and sanctions produce an unproductive cycle of destruction, misery, violence and death.

Given the context and international breadth of this diplomatic rapprochement, should your party be elected to form the next government in Canada, will you follow our American and European allies in lifting sanctions against Iran?

Your clear statement on this critical foreign policy issue will help all Canadians who are supporters of peace, including those within the Iranian-Canadian community, have a better understanding of your position and make an informed decision when casting their ballot on October 19th.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Organizing Team (in alphabetical order):

Bijan Ahmadi, Delshad Emami, Soudeh Ghasemi, Sholeh Khalili, Poyan Nahrvar, Niaz Salimi, and Ahmad Tabrizi

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موضع خود را در مورد توافقنامه هسته ای با ایران روشن بیان کنید - سلام تورنتو - ده سپتامبر 2015



January 2016

Max Signatures: 3276

Initiator: Tayaz Fakhri

Prime Minister of Canada, Reopen Canada-Iran Embassies

We the undersigned welcome the government of Canada’s commitment to lift its unilateral sanctions against Iran and request Mr. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to announce plans for restoring diplomatic relations with that country as promised by the Liberal Party during the Federal elections in 2015. The sudden and unprecedented action of the Conservative government in 2012 to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran has left tens of thousands of Iranian-Canadians without representation by their country of origin in matters concerning their native nationality. Furthermore, the Canadian government’s closure of its embassy in Tehran left many Iranian Canadian families without access to the consular services which allowed their relatives to acquire visas to visit them here in Canada. The shutting down of the Canadian embassy in Tehran also disrupted the immigration process for thousands of Iranian applicants whose access to Canadian immigration officers is now limited to neighbouring countries (mainly Turkey and UAE).

Similarly, for almost 4 years the Iranian-Canadian community has been unable to take advantage of Iranian consular services in Ottawa. This has resulted in unnecessary obstacles with respect to obtaining new passports and other identification documents required for travelling and delegation purposes. We also believe that a continuation of a state of diplomatic suspension with Iran at a time when the country’s recent agreement with the world’s powers has been embraced by the international community can weaken Canada’s position at the world stage. It is also our belief that restoring diplomatic relations with Iran can help resolve outstanding issues between the two sides by fostering the ability of both countries to negotiate on behalf of their citizens. Though the minister of Foreign Affairs has recently stated that Canada is changing its policy towards Iran during question period in parliament, the Conservatives with the help of pro-sanction groups are pressing the government to maintain the status quo and even impose new sanctions, thereby hindering efforts to break the current diplomatic freeze.

Given the welcome statements made by foreign minister Dion, we ask the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada, in solidarity with our allies in the international community, to elevate the priority given to the issue of resuming diplomatic relations with Iran and to accelerate the process for exchanging embassies with the country.


We Need Your Help!

Support Iran-Canada Relations

FEB 19, 2016 — Thank you for signing this petition! You have expressed your appreciation of diplomatic relations, and that you believe sanctions and war are not the solution to anything and only damage the lives of many civilians like us. Fortunately, the Canadian government has declared interest towards reviving Canada’s diplomatic relationships with Iran. However, Canada is still cautiously and slowly moving forward with this decision. Compounding the resistance of many groups in opposition, it could take a long time until all sanctions are lifted and even longer until embassies reopen. For this reason, we ask you to continue your efforts. 

We now have the opportunity to group our voice, collectively express our support, and ask the government to quickly restore diplomatic relations with Iran and reopen the embassies. 

Every single individual effort matters, so we kindly (and urgently) ask you to share this petition with your friends and loved ones and to continue with us on this campaign. Simply forward this email to your friends, and/or share the following link on your social media pages. ( http://chn.ge/23ZlFcw ) 

We would also like to ask you to join our Facebook group 
http://on.fb.me/1XAJmn7 ) to stay updated with this groups latest activates. Join us and invite your friends.

امروز به کمک شما نیاز داریم. شما که به درستی ضرورت بهبود روابط دیپلماتیک بین دو کشور ایران و کانادا را دریافتهاید، شما که به دوستی و صلح آری گفتهاید و باور دارید جنگ و تحریم و قهر، راه پیشرفت در دنیای متمدن امروز نیست و هرگز گشایشی برای ما مردم به ارمغان نخواهد آورد. بازگشایی سفارت ایران در کانادا و بهبود روابط بین دو کشور، بی همت همهی ما، به این زودی میسر نخواهد بود. ایرانیان کانادایی باید از فرصتی که فراهم شده استفاده کنند تا حمایت خود از تصمیمات گرفته شده توسط دولت کانادا (در پیوند با بهبود روابط دیپلماتیک بین دو کشور) را نشان دهند و در تسریع این امر بکوشند. ما به مرز دو هزار و پانصد حمایت کننده از این طومار نزدیک میشویم. همین امروز لینک این طومار را (که در زیر آمده است) به دوستان دیگر ایرانی-کانادایی خود بدهید و ما را در رساندن صدای جامعهی ایرانی-کانادایی یاری کنید. همچنین صمیمانه تقاضا داریم تا به گروه فیسبوکی زیر بپیوندید تا بتوانیم شما را از روند پیشرفت کار مطلع کنیم. وقت تنگ است، همین حالا با دوستان و آشنایان خود تماس بگیرید و به آنها بگویید در این راه به ما بپیوندند
Facebook Group: 

We Support Iran-Canada Relations




Remove the Current President
Mehrdad Ariannejad started this petition to ICC Board of Directors

On September 30th, 2014, during the Willowdale Federal Liberal Nomination election, while two of the four running candidates for the Canadian Federal Parliament were of Iranian descent, namely Mr. Ali Ehsassi and Ms. Lily Pourzand , Mr. Reza Banai was openly campaigning for another candidate of non-Iranian descent,  Mr. Vince Gasparro, actively encouraging voters to vote for Mr. Gasparro.
While we recognize and respect Mr. Reza Banai's rights as an individual which entitle him to support the candidate of his choice in any election, we believe that he is ethically and professionally obligated to adhere to the responsibilities he has undertaken as the president of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC). 
As clearly outlined in ICC's bylaws and charter, some of the ICC's objectives are:
 "…to uphold the interests of the Iranian Canadian community…", and;
"…to identify, present and promote the leaders of the Iranian-Canadian community who can be a voice for the community and to assist them in becoming prominent members of the Canadian society in all levels of civic life including Municipal, Provincial and Federal level". (Please refer to ICC Bylaws at http://iccongress.ca/organization/bylaw

In this respect, Mr. Banai’s advocacy for Mr. Gasparro has been squarely against the mission of ICC, has been inappropriate and uncalled for, and has parted him from his obligations as the president of ICC .
Based on the above, we, the undersigned of this letter, strongly believe that Mr. Reza Banai has acted in a manner contrary to the fundamental objectives of ICC and has violated its Charter and Constitution. We therefore urge the esteemed members of the Board to take action and remove Mr. Reza Banai from his position as the President. 


Next Step

Mehrdad Ariannejad
Toronto, Canada

NOV 24, 2014 — Dear all,

As you know, the ICC board of directors chose not to respond to the petition that has been signed by 125 individuals. Hence, we would like to get together in a brainstorming session to address the issue and to map the next steps.







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